Feature Listing


1. Why do we have another Vacation rental portal in the market when we have so many options?

Answer is very simple; have you ever thought of doing something good other than just facing your own problems? Most of us will never think about people who do not even get the basic amenities like water, food & clothes. We are trying to make anenvironment for all those underprivileged people across the globe.

We at Go2Vacationrentals.com "DONATE" a share of income generated from our travelers as well as homeowners when they list any property on our portal.

Travelers & Home Owners can donate any amount as they like and help a cause and making this world a better place to live for all.

2. What is in it for me?

We can help you get more business from our website in terms of bookings as well as the inquiries as we are using very aggressive marketing strategies. In addition to this, you are helping a cause and we are in it together.

3. What if I do not get any bookings or inquires from your "So Called the amazing portal"?

Well, No website on this world wide web can give you that kind of guarantee from their site that you will get bookings or inquiries. You should also understand that there are tons of websites filled with vacation rentals. We can only guarantee that we will promote your property to the max and get you bookings from our website.

However you might say these are all words and I do not think I want to register with you. Think from this perspective, you are helping someone to eat, drink or letting then wear a piece of clothing on the other side of the planet while we are still in this discussion.

You money is not going as a waste with us; we are helping people smile.

4. Why should I pay you and not the NGO's or other non-profit companies?

That indeed is a good question, we are registering your property and giving your property an exposure to feature and be an esteem owner, who is making at least some difference in the way we live. You might be paying some XYZ company also to register your property, however your money is not getting into the useful hands of having the vision to help our underprivileged people.

5. Who gets the feature property ads on your website?

That feature is only available to the property owners listed under the "Platinum & Gold Plan". We will be happy if you list your property under those 2 plans and help us donate more.

***We will disclose our partner organizations shortly***